Saturday, January 31, 2015

Free Date Night!

Friday date night was/still is a non-negotiable part of my parents' schedule. Without fail, they would take off and leave the seven of us at home to eat leftovers and watch a movie. I asked my mom when they started consistently going on dates. My jaw about hit the floor when she nonchalantly explained they had been going out since they joined the church in the 70's.

Paul and I have been married for over 3.5 years and have gone on a handful of dates since tying the knot. Of course we would have movie night at home or play board games, but getting a baby-sitter and hitting the town for the night is a rarity for us.

When I discovered the Y-Ball that BYU was holding for married or engaged couples I was interested. When I discovered the Ball was free, I was sold. Paul's parents were game for watching the kids, so we dressed up, dropped of the kiddos, met three other couples at the complimentary dinner, danced for half a song, and then ditched the scene. Instead, we grabbed some ice cream from the creamery and enjoyed this rare, kid-free time. Odd though, that most of the time apart from our kids was spent talking about them. I guess we just love them, or something.

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