Saturday, May 30, 2015

Kate: 11 months old

Kate has one tooth! She's very close to cutting her second lower incisor.

Lets go of furniture and stands unsupported for long periods of time. This is such a relief! When she was younger she hardly ever put weight on her legs. Looks like she was just being stubborn!

Screams and yells for food whenever anyone else is eating. Especially at dinner. It's embarrassing when we are eating with guests! We can hardly talk because we're so busy trying to keep food in her mouth. She is most certainly a jealous little girl. She wants what everyone else has.

May have had an allergic reaction to eggs. Her face got red and splotchy. She didn't have any breathing issues so we're not too worried. It's possible the redness was from the enzymes in her saliva but we really have no clue. We'll keep an eye on it and find out in time.

Loves whacking her pacifier on the crib slats. It lets us know she's ready to get out of bed.

Down to 2-3 pacis at night, we wrap her body but her arms are unswaddled!! This is a huge triumph! Perhaps a bit ridiculous, but with the lack of stability we've had around here, swaddling has been a huge comfort for Kate.

Her eyes are still blue as can be-- but that could always change as Vince had blue eyes at this age too.

When she eats her finger occasionally gets caught up her nose and she just leaves it up there!

Learned how to use a big straw! She's been doing food pouches but we mostly just squeezed it into her mouth. With the temptation and reward of a smoothie, she learned to use a big straw. This helps her to eat soup and smoothies with the family.

This girl still spits up after nursing! She must gulp tons of air because she's guaranteed to spew 3 times a day. thankfully it's not all day long like it used to. We expect a little bit after milk and then we're usually in the clear.

She's got a love/hate relationship with Vincent. Really, she adores the boy. She wants to be close to him... but it almost always ends in tears. Vince thinks he's big enough to hold her so he's constantly trying to pick her up... aka putting her in a headlock and lifting. He also tries to help her stand and walk... you can guess how that story ends. Sharing is especially difficult for these 2. When Vince was a baby he didn't care what toy he played with. Set something in front of him and he's happy. Kate, on the other hand, is happy for a fraction of a second until she sees that Vince is playing with something else. She drops hers and tries to get whatever he has. Vince isn't a great sharer either. It's the big struggle of every single day.

She is still happy as a clam. I seriously don't know how she does it. She wakes up happy, goes to bed happy, and perks up within seconds after crying. I love her smile and the light that she brings into our lives.

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