Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Vincent's 3rd Birthday!

My big boy turned three!! He is crazy, loud, and headstrong but he's also the sweetest and most kind hearted kid I know. He loves the the "Cars" movies and is addicted to the show "Octonauts". He acts out scenes from Cars all day long and loves to pretend being Quasi the Pirate.

Vince has blossomed into a good eater! He eats practically anything I put in front of him. He also understands that we always try at least one bite of a new food. He's such a good sport! I've also been shocked to find that Vincent can actually contribute when it comes to taking care of the house and yard. He helps move rocks, rake, weed, clear the table, put clothes down the laundry shoot, "folds" washcloths and burp cloths, picks up his toys and helps Kate when she loses her paci. He's always begging to help whenever he can-- especially in the kitchen!

He knows all of his letters and on a good day he knows all of the letter sounds too. He has shown an interest in reading so we'll be starting him on a reading program next week. I frequently find him sitting on the couch reading a book. Vince could flip through pages for hours on end. It seems like he's a little sponge that wants to soak up every bit of knowledge he can. My jaw drops when Vince spouts off something he learned or saw months prior. His memory is better than mine any day of the week.

Like any 3 year old, Vince doesn't like to listen. He is a free spirit and he runs off to whichever direction his heart desires. And boundaries? Vincent doesn't even know what those are. He runs up to strangers and calls them friends, he tries to follow other kids into their cars/houses, he gets as close to you as possible and he hugs any kid he can get his arms around. He has even climbed over a chain link fence to "find his friends". He's wild!

Vincent lives to play and I live to love Vincent. Happy birthday, Son!

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