Monday, May 16, 2016

Happy Birthday, Vincent!

My little boy is FOUR! He has been itching to turn four so he could be as big as his cousins, Trace and Trevor. All he wanted for his birthday was to play at Frog Hollow Park with friends. A totally doable wish, except for the fact that he and Kate both got pinkeye in the days preceding his birthday. Instead of passing around our germs, we wait for them to mend and went to the park sans friends. As per his request, we also enjoyed some chocolate cupcakes with mint frosting.

As far as gifts go,Vince has been begging for a Chick Hicks car. He has quite the collection of Cars cars, but we hadn't had any luck finding Chick. Nana came to the rescue and made his dreams comes true. He also got a scooter (thankfully he doesn't care that it's pink. Options are limited when garage sales are your main shopping source), books, Blades the Rescue Bot, Lincoln Logs, and some other random toys. The real kicker was getting his pedal bike. Vince has mastered riding his balance bike and he's been eager to ride a bike with pedals like his daddy.  He gave it a shot and did a great job... until he got scared and stopped pedaling! For now he still prefers his balance bike, but he likes trying out his new bike when Dad is there to lend a hand.

Four year old Vince is a silly, sweet, playful boy. He can be quite stubborn and he never wants to put his toys down. He'll choose playing outside over watching TV any day of the week. He can be so brave but also shows a sensitivity and resentment to being pressured into trying things. Vince is an awesome reader and we often find him with a pile of books. He just started to show an interest in coloring and art (whereas before he would just scribble and run away to play). Vince is 100% a people person. He needs people around ALL the time. Although he doesn't want Kate to touch any of his toys, he often pulls her into the room so she can have company. He's a great sleeper and he's a pretty good eater... though he doesn't particularly enjoy eating chicken.

I love my Vincey Boy. He has changed me in so many ways. He tries my patience daily and teaches me to love more fully by the minute. I am so thankful he chose to come to our little family and lead the way for his siblings. We're lucky to call him ours.

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