Monday, February 6, 2012

Instead of studying.

I did a lot of schoolwork today.
Now it is time to celebrate those moments when I'm NOT doing schoolwork.

A few weeks ago Paul and I had a date day.
This is similar to a date night... but it lasts all day.
We went to an estate sale, shopped around Macy's, ate at Terra Mia, perused furniture at RC Willey for our "future home", bought a gallon of ice cream and painted with watercolors.
It was an awesome date.

The painting we bought at the Estate Sale

More recently, we drove up to SLC and ate dinner at Biaggi's. 
I ALWAYS get the butternut squash ravioli... it's so good!
Then, we went to a goodbye/birthday party for Brynna.
We're gonna miss her!

When we're not out and about, Paul and I try our best to stay warm in our basement apartment.
(The heat down here is pretty much non-existent.) 
When we can find the time, we enjoy watching HGTV and the DIY network.
We really want a home so we can put our renovation knowledge to the test!
Paul has been busy looking for jobs so we can weigh out all of our options,
and I am busy growing a baby!

26 Weeks

Tonight Paul and I finally got to hang out with some friends in our ward!
Since I'm in primary, I NEVER get to know anyone but the little kidlings.
It was really nice to catch up with Trent and Sheena.
I bowled the best game of my life!

My new high score is 180!

And that has been life outside of school.
Now back to my homework...


  1. Okay--that goodbye cake is awesome!!!!

    And a 180? WOW!!!! I think 140 might be my best, and even that would have been freakishly good for me. Way to go, sis!

  2. I love to see all the fun things you guys are up to. And I really love to see pictures of Libby's growing baby belly!! Hooray! I miss you guys!