Sunday, March 17, 2013

An Unusual First.

I made and decorated sugar cookies from scratch for the first. time. ever.

Can you believe that? In my 23 years of life I've never done it. To be honest, I've made very few cookies. I'm known for making "bars" like, seven layer cookies, fudge, brownies, etc. When it comes to making cookies I get all nervous. In February I made M&M cookies with my sister, Rachael, and I kept freaking about making the cookies the right size. I'm a rookie, I know.

Paul was here to supervise and ensure I didn't get overwhelmed. He's such a peach. I got to whip out my rolling pin and cookie cutters for the first time! Hearts, flowers, butterflies, Easter eggs, bunnies. I would have whipped out more shapes if I had better frosting supplies. Alas, piping is not one of my skills [yet]. We stuck to the basics.

Uh, but making the frosting was a joke. I got a recipe from a good friend [because her cookies and frosting were to die for]. The icing recipe was vauge-- meaning "as much powered sugar as you need to acquire the desired thickness for frosting". Someone with a brain and any experience would have an idea of how much powered sugar to actually add. Ha. I, on the other hand, was hardly adding any. First time around the frosting tasted like straight butter! Oh so nasty! Don't worry though, we fixed it and made it delish.

Tomorrow we're going to deliver some of these bad boys and introduce ourselves to another young couple with a baby. I'm excited to get out and meet more people in our ward. After nearly 2 years of being ignored by a majority of our ward, we're taking things into our own hands and reaching out. Hooray for Spring and new beginnings.

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