Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Double Digits [10 months].

This little nugget gets cuter every day. He "dances" all the time, giggles, pulls up on anything and everything, eats real people food, and screams-- like he knows what he's doing and he lets out hilarious cries. Slowly but surely I'm getting thick skin. I know when he's faking it and when he's seriously hurting. Those real cries break my heart. It's a shame that kids have to fall so much while learning to be mobile. I'm actually getting nervous for the day when he no longer has a helmet to protect his noggin. Although I hate seeing him get hurt, I love that he lets me cuddle and console him.

We also learned that vacuums horrify Vincent. You should have seen the look on his face when I turned it on. He started by crawling away from me (crying), then he wanted me to pick him up so he turned around to come to me until he realized that he was coming toward the death machine... at which point her turned around again. This dilemma happened a few times until he crawled to the opposite side of the house and ended up in a corner. Definitely sad, but also hilarious.

Vincent has his nap and eating schedule down to a T. Can you say awesome? With the nice weather I'm able to plan lots of outings, play dates, appointments and walks. I love the freedom that comes with his perfect schedule. Although it can be tough to chase this kid and keep him constantly happy, being his mom has never been better.

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