Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our Newest Battle.

I've worked long and hard to ensure that Vince is a good sleeper. In fact, he's a great sleeper. I put him down, wrap a blanket around him, pop the paci in and walk out of the room. He makes a few cute baby noises and is down for the count.

That is, until he realized he could stand up in bed...

What used to take less than 60 seconds now takes roughly 60 minutes! We battle it out. I wrap him up, he rolls over and is standing by the time I'm out the door. He babbles, stomps his baby feet on the squishy mattress and eventually starts to yell.

I began waiting longer and longer before I would go in. I kept telling myself he would plop back down when he was tired and go to sleep. In an effort to keep myself out of the room I took a shower. As I stepped out of the shower my fingers were crossed that he went to sleep. Then I heard a long, loud wail. Still awake and still standing.

We're figuring this out and I'm trying to keep him up longer so that he'll actually want to go to sleep when I put him down. Today was better than yesterday, but who knows what tomorrow holds.


  1. We had the same struggle with Carson. We did the cry-it-out method with him so he eventually would lay down and go to sleep. Now he just goes straight to sleep without standing up. But that's just what worked for us. :) You'll figure it out. You are a great mommy.

  2. Ugh. What a tough transition. You can do it! One thing we had to adjust was the time we put the boys down to sleep. If they weren't tired when it was time to go in the crib it was a lot longer before they wore themselves out crying.