Friday, May 17, 2013

Vince the Toddler.

One. My babe is ONE. No longer a tiny newborn fighting with all he has to lift his head. Nope. Now he toddles, hugs, kisses, squeals with delight, fusses with purpose and explores every nook and cranny.


We had a get together with the Provo fam at Ruth's place. Here's the 5 of them! [right before #6 joined the Burt Clan]

Vince hasn't quiet grasped the concept of unwrapping presents, but with a little bit of help he got the job done.

We were even lucky enough to have Nana join us!

The birthday boy is growing like a champ. Previously Vince was 13th percentile for weight and 17th percentile for height. Now he's bumped up to 40th percentile for weight [20 lbs 12 oz] and 47th percentile for height [29.9 inches].

 Hmm, maybe we should blame the weight gain on how fast he scarfed down his carrot cake!

Life has changed drastically in the past year-- most definitely for the better. I can't get over how each day is perfect. It makes me nervous for whatever changes we'll face in the year to come. I try to push my fears aside and soak in all of these blissful moments. And chances are things will keep getting better and better.

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  1. Libby you are gorgeous!! And lil Vince is so handsome!!