Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Christmas Stockings.

I love finding, planning, and starting crafts and diy projects. There's just one little hitch that gets in the way of each project going as it should... I'm not a very good finisher. I get distracted or side-tracked by other projects and to-dos from day to day. Recently I've been bothered by my lack of completed projects. Thus, I set out to finish a relatively easy one: Christmas Stockings.

I finished one stocking before Christmas 2012 and never got around to the other three. How peculiar of me not to finish, right? I'm telling you, things just pop up and the half started project gets hidden under some other "more important" thing until all the sudden it's May and the Christmas project is still in limbo.

Well, I put my big girl pants on [my yoga pants, actually] and sewed up the rest of these puppies. I have a deep desire to be filled with joy when I craft, but I generally find that my Type A personality shines through and the lack of perfection sinks me into fits of shaking fists and sewing at rapid lightening speeds just to show the project that I don't actually care that my lines aren't straight and the fabric isn't smooth.

Three needles and a few angry pouting sessions later, they're done. My Christmas stockings are complete. Before I started the project I considered making new stockings yearly or perhaps every other year. Ha! I am such an ambitious joker. These stockings will definitely be hanging around [get it?] until we have a fifth family member. I think it's safe to say I'm good for a couple of years.

The tutorial can be found here. If I, the non-finishing, don't-know-a-thing-about-sewing, beginner can do these, so can you. Just be patient and make sure your husband loves you even when you're a little crazy.


  1. Is this an announcement Libby? Four stockings for a family of three? They turned out great! Nice work!

  2. Haha! I totally predicted that someone would think this is an announcement. But no, not for a little while longer. I just made 4 because the instructions tell you to buy enough fabric for that many.

  3. Libs! I love them! I always love the idea of having a set color scheme for xmas and making stockings that go with it and do a different theme every year. It never goes like that though. I'm just glad I made a really cute stocking I love a couple years ago. Someday.... someday....