Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The next few days will be full of celebration. First, Paul and I are heading up to Park City for an early anniversary getaway. It's weird to me that it's only been two years. Now, I'm not trying to say they have been a hard or a long two years. It's actually the exact opposite. Countless wonderful things have happened: Paul graduated, got hired full-time, I got pregnant, went to classes week after week, welcomed Vince into our family, graduated from the Nursing program, got a job, and now Paul is on his way to Grad school! How can all of that be packed into just two years? It all just seems too good to be true. After all of that crazy, non-stop action I am definitely ready for a break to escape with my hubby and celebrate these two blissful years.

Shortly after our return Vince will have his 1st birthday! It has been a joy to watch that boy learn and grow. If I had told myself one year ago how much I would cuddle, kiss, squish and love on that boy I never would have believed myself. When his soft, squirmy body crashes into my arms I cannot stop myself from pulling him into me and squeezing til he giggles. Being in his presence is pure joy. I stare at him the whole day through. I would say that Paul is jealous, but I've noticed that he does it too. We love him completely and look forward to celebrating his decision to join our family.

Our third celebratory event will be somewhat of a surprise, seeing as we have no idea when my sister's baby will actually join us. My mom will arrive Sunday and be at the ready to busy her hands when Ruth goes into labor. I can't wait to meet grand baby # 19!

So as you can see, it's gonna be a good time in the Hannibal Household.
[Updates and pictures will be forthcoming]

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